Our handheld tampers are used to compress ground coffee in the preparation of espresso. Tamping the espresso reduces bitter oils and improves extraction for maximum richness of your espresso. It make for a more enjoyable coffee experience.

We create in individually crafted coffee tampers. Each coffee tamper base is precisely machined to fit the filter basket of your home espresso maker. Our tamper base is held with in +/-.03mm diameter.


Prices depend on base size and face style you pick. Tamper tightly compresses coffee into the filter basket of your home espresso maker, reducing bitter oils and improving extraction for maximum richness. Convex face (1.676MM higher at center). The overall length is 3.500″ or 88.9MM, top diameter of handle is 1.600″ or 40.64MM 6061 Aluminum handle Stainless Steel base Dishwasher-safe Base Sizes 49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58MM flat or convex. We specialize in OEM and customized Espresso tampers. Please send us your blue print, designed images for quotation.